In your developer dashboard, you have full access to view your users, those that have connected and signed.

From here, you can see which wallets connected and when, session information, any information you’ve collected during onboarding, and more.

To get here, simply navigate to the Users tab in your dashboard and you’ll see your list of authenticated users.

User Management Table

We’ve enabled a simply search box for you. Here you can type in any data point, whether it be the wallet address, user id, email, alias, etc. By default, it will search across All columns. If you want to search by a specific column, simply click the dropdown on the right of the search bar and select the column that you’ll want to search by.

You can also sort by any column by simply click on the column header, or you filter by chains if you want to narrow your search criteria.

Lastly, if you’ve collected any custom information during onboarding, you can click on the Columns button in the upper right and select which columns you would like to view.

User Details

If you click on a user, then a slide out of the user details will appear. Here you have up to 3 tabs (for now): Account, Sessions, Chainalysis.

The Account tab will show any collected information about your user.

The sessions tab will show you all the sessions associated with that user, chronologically ordered from top to bottom. If you’ve collected IP addresses, then that information will appear here.

The Chainalysis tab will appear if you selected to turn it on in our integrations page. Here, we will show the results of every Chainlaysis check for a given wallet, including details if a user did not pass.