We offer secure, non-custodial embedded wallets with flexible key management options.

Key management

TL;DR - You get to choose the key management architecture that’s best for your use case.

Embedded wallets aren’t one-size-fits-all. Rather, they are a set of tools that adapt to your specific use case, balancing UX, recoverability, censorship resistance and speed. Hence, the Dynamic offering is exactly that - a set of simple toggles that lets you choose a few underlying infra options that give you the flexibility for your use case. (Don’t worry, we offer simple defaults to get started.)

Our offerings is divided into several categories:

  • Dynamic Embedded Wallets - Uses Passkeys & secure enclaves, works best in mobile-first and PWA applications, with FaceID and TouchID support.
  • 3rd party providers - Dynamic also partners with multiple leading wallet-as-a-service providers that you can integrate with a click.

All key management solutions offer a few key features:

  • End user key export support
  • Recovery flows
  • Powerful security & audits

Enhancing your wallet with other features

Embedded wallets work together with the rest of the Dynamic offering. You can:

Start developing

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