HD wallets (hierarchical-deterministic wallets) will allow customers to reveal a seed phrase from their wallet and take advantage of new features.

The following features will require HD wallets:

  • Pregenerated Wallets
  • Reveal Seed Phrase
  • Multi-chain (coming soon)
  • Others (TBD)

We have migrated to full HD wallets as of SDK version 1 and we highly recommend upgrading your implementation now, in order to make use of these new features in future.


Upgrade SDK

Upgrade Dynamic SDK to version 1.0.0 or above.


Remove old references

If anywhere in your application code you reference the ‘turnkey’ wallet.name property, update it to also support references to ‘turnkeyhd’. The property wallet.walletProperties.turnkeyPrivatekeyId is now deprecated in TurnkeyHD wallets. Relying on this property moving forward is discouraged.


Q. What impact will this have on existing embedded wallet users?

A. There’s no impact on your existing users of embedded wallets.