Lots of users have multiple wallets but managing multiple wallets and multiple accounts for each wallet is challenging. You have to manage event listeners, various connection states, wallets shared across accounts, and much much more. If you want to learn more about our multi-wallet solution, check out our blog post.

Our multiwallet widget allows your users to easily:

  1. Add multiple wallets
  2. Add multiple accounts from the same wallet
  3. Transfer wallets between accounts
  4. It is mobile friendly
  5. Keep track of the active account in a wallet
  6. Swap primary wallets
  7. and so much more.

To simplify management of these scenarios and the resulting edge cases, we’ve released a widget that does it for you. You can see it in action on our demo site.


To enable multiwallet, simply visit the “Advanced Wallet Options” tile in the Configurations tab, and toggle on the multiwallet option. That’s it!