The Chainalysis integration allows for blocking certain wallet addresses based on their association with sanctioned lists or risky categories. Today, you can enable this integration with a simple toggle in your dashboard.

📘 Let us know if you want the Address Screening API

Today, we have an integration with the free sanctions API. If you want us to add the address screening API, let us know through slack or email.


  1. Enable the Chainalysis integration in your developer dashboard by going to the Configurations tab.
  2. Use the free sanctions API to block wallet addresses associated with sanctioned lists or use the paid address screening API for additional risky category screening.
  3. View the results of the screening for any given user, go to the Users table and click on their row. Here you will see a “Pass” or “Fail” status.
  4. If a wallet address fails the screening, the user will see the “sad path” message reflected in the SDK, with a header “This address is not approved for access”, secondary text “This wallet has been correlated to illicit activity and cannot be used to access this site.”