This hook gives you control over when you create an embedded wallet for any given user.

It gives you access to a function to create an embedded wallet, and function to check if the user currently has an embedded wallet.


import { useEmbeddedWallet } from “@dynamic-labs/sdk-react-core”

const { createEmbeddedWallet, userHasEmbeddedWallet } = useEmbeddedWallet();

const onClick = async () => {
    if(!userHasEmbeddedWallet()) {
      try {
        const walletId = await createEmbeddedWallet();
        // do whatever you want with that Id
      } catch(e) {
        // handle error

return (
    <button onClick={() => onClick()}>Create Wallet</button>

Return Values

  • createEmbeddedWallet returns a promise which will resolve to a wallet ID once the creation flow has been successful.
  • userHasEmbeddedWallet returns a boolean which will be true if the user has an embedded wallet at that time.