Creating a new App

Here are the step-by-step instructions for obtaining OAuth credentials for Google:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console and sign in to your account.
  2. Once you’re signed in, click on the project dropdown menu in the top navigation bar and select or create the project you want to use for your OAuth credentials.
  3. In the left-hand menu, click on the “APIs & Services” tab, then click on the “Credentials” submenu.
  4. Complete the “Configure Consent Screen” instructions if you haven’t completed this before.
  5. Click on the ”+ Create Credentials” in the horizontal navigation below the search bar, then select “OAuth client ID” from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select the “Web application” application type.
  7. Enter a name for your OAuth client ID, such as “My App OAuth Credentials.”
  8. In the “Authorized JavaScript origins” field, enter the origin of your web application, for example, ””.
  9. In the “Authorized redirect URIs” field, enter the URI that Google should redirect users to after they authorize your application. This will be provided by Dynamic.
    1. You can find the “Authorized redirect URI” in either social account linking on the Info Capture page or in the Social Signup page depending on whether you want to do linking or signup.
    2. Open the the Google section of the configuration page you brought up in the previous step.
    3. Copy the Redirect URL, paste it in the section on Google page and click “Save changes” button.
  10. Click the “Create” button to create your OAuth client ID.
  11. After creating your OAuth client ID, you should see a “Client ID” and “Client Secret” on the “Credentials” page. These are the credentials you’ll need to copy and paste them into “Set up Google Auth” Modal in the Dynamic Dashboard.

That’s it! You now have OAuth credentials for your Google application that you can use in Dynamic.

If you need more help with configuring the Google OAuth App check their docs here.