User Values

We map the Farcaster values returned to the standard oauth user values (found in verified Credentials):

  id: string; // Unique ID (Dynamic)
  publicIdentifier: string; // Farcaster username
  oauthAccountId: string; // Farcaster ID
  oauthProvider: ProviderEnum; // "farcaster"
  oauthAccountPhotos?: []string; // Farcaster PFP URLs
  oauthDisplayName?: string; // name if provided
  oauthUsername?: string; // Farcaster username

To get this information, you can use the user object returned from the useDynamicContext hook i.e.

const { user, isAuthenticated } = useDynamicContext();

if (isAuthenticated && user) {

You can then use this information to create enhanced experiences within your app!